Last updated December 14, 2019

This page describes the disclosure policy for the website atoucholdfashioned.com, referred to as “website” or “blog” in the following paragraphs. The words “I” and “my” are used in reference to myself, Colleen, the owner and contributor to said website.

I may receive compensation for product reviews, through affiliate marketing, and through referrals on this website.

As an Amazon Associate, I may receive a commission if my readers click on one or more of my Amazon affiliate links, and proceed to make a purchase on Amazon, even if the purchase does not include the item I linked to.

I may sometimes include referral codes in my blog posts. If an individual uses my code when signing up for an app like Fetch, then that individual receives points, and I receive points for referring them. I can view the name of the individual who signs up and uses my code.

I may also receive a commission for ads displayed on my website when individuals visit my blog.

This website also collects and stores information regarding visitors, as stated in my Privacy Policy: https://atoucholdfashioned.com/privacy-policy/

By using this website and/or clicking on affiliate links, or purchasing any items referred to on this blog, you agree to my Terms and Conditions: https://atoucholdfashioned.com/terms-and-conditions/ as well as my Disclaimer: https://atoucholdfashioned.com/disclaimer/