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Why You Might Like Cloth Baby Wipes 😊

Hello everybody! How are you doing? I hope you’re enjoying the “My Quarantine Kitchen” series over on YouTube, if you’ve had a chance to check it out!

Anyway, today I’m talking about something that any mother wanting to save a little money and use more natural baby products should love! If you read the title of today’s post, then you already know I’m talking about cloth baby wipes. I personally use these on my son, and I’m going to share a few reasons why you might like them, too!

This post contains an Amazon affiliate link, and I may receive a commission from qualifying sales. You can read my full disclosure here.

Bamboo Cloth Baby Wipes

First off, they save money! Obviously, any time you can use something time and time again, instead of a disposable product (like paper plates, napkins, plastic utensils, etc.) it’s going to save you money. I do still purchase disposable baby wipes, which I use mostly when I’m not at home, but when I am home (and that’s most of the time) I generally choose to use cloth wipes, which means I don’t need to buy as many disposables, which means I spend less money on them. 😊

Next, I like using cloth wipes for diaper changes because I also use cloth diapers most of the time, and it’s just easy to simply throw the wipes in the wash along with the diapers, instead of having to separate the disposable wipes to throw in the trash.

Another reason to choose cloth over disposable is because they just get the job done! I feel like cloth wipes sometimes do a better job of cleaning baby’s bottoms than disposables, and you may be able to use fewer wipes, as well!

Finally, if you are concerned about some of the ingredients in traditional baby wipes, then cloth could definitely help to ease your fears! You don’t have to worry about baby’s skin reacting to weird ingredients in your wipes, since you can choose exactly what cleansers you want to use on your wipes, if any at all… which does bring me to another point…

So you may be wondering: how exactly do you use cloth baby wipes? Well, you have options! If you have one of those large refillable wipes containers, you can layer/stack your cloth wipes in it, and then add a cleaning mixture to moisten the wipes, so you don’t have to worry about wetting them every time you want to use one.

Another option is to leave the wipes dry until it’s time to use them, and then use a spray bottle to wet them as needed.

Personally, I just leave mine in a stack (dry) on the same shelf where I keep my cloth diapers, and whenever I need a wet wipe, I just run it under the faucet, and it works fine! This works well for me because I keep the diapers and wipes in the bathroom, so running water is easily accessible, but you can just do whatever works best for you!

Alright, I think that’s all for now! I hope you found this helpful, and I’ll talk to you soon!

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