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Natural, Homemade Laundry Softeners

Hello! Welcome back to the blog!

In my last post I mentioned maybe doing a post on laundry softeners, so today I’m sharing a few options I’ve found for that purpose. Now, I have to say, I have not personally made these recipes, and I don’t use a laundry softener myself, but I hope I can at least get you headed in the right direction, if that’s something you’re interested in. 😊 These are chemical-free alternatives to typical laundry softeners, and they appear to be quite easy to make!

Please note that I am not an expert in any way on natural products/natural living… please be sure to do your own research! You can read my full disclaimer here.

This post also contains Amazon affiliate links, and I may receive a commission for qualifying sales. Please refer to my full disclosure here.

The first option is super simple, requiring only epsom salt and essential oils (or you can leave the oils out, and just use epsom salt.) Can’t get much easier than that, can it?

The second option is also easy, but this one is a liquid softener. It uses white vinegar, water, vegetable glycerin, and essential oils. Obviously, this type requires more ingredients, but it’s still very simple, and might be good if you really want to use a liquid variety.

Okay, so here’s a little bit different option… homemade dryer sheets! These require most of the same ingredients as the liquid softener I already mentioned, like white vinegar, distilled (or boiled then cooled down) water, and essential oils. However, you actually put pieces of fabric into a mason jar, and pour the mixture over them. When you throw a load of laundry in the dryer, you just toss in a dryer sheet along with it!

Now, I will mention that I do use dryer balls, and I think those are supposed to help with softening laundry, but I can’t say that I’ve noticed them providing a softening effect… but that’s another natural option, if you care to give that a try!

Anyway, I hope these choices have given you a little inspiration, and I hope they will help you on your quest to soften laundry naturally. (That is, if you are on such a quest. If you’re not, that’s okay, too.) 😊

Talk to you soon!

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