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Easy Bathroom Cleaning Method

Are you someone who just doesn’t really enjoy cleaning the bathroom? Or maybe you don’t mind it, but you just put it off? If you are, then today’s post might help you!

So, I used to shoot for cleaning my bathroom in one day, but generally speaking, I no longer follow that routine. Instead, I clean bits and pieces throughout the week, so it only takes a few minutes, usually in the morning, and I’m done! Of course, the concept of doing a little at a time is nothing new, but applying it specifically to my bathroom cleaning helps me to keep from putting it off so much.

So, I’m just going to go day by day and tell you which areas I clean through the week:

Monday: wipe down mirrors and vanity

Tuesday: scrub the sink

Wednesday: wipe down toilet

Thursday: scrub toilet bowl

Saturday: scrub the bathtub

Okay, so you probably noticed that I skipped Friday and listed Saturday as my day for cleaning the tub, and that’s because I just generally don’t do it on Friday, so I end up cleaning it on Saturday (unless I end up putting it off til the next week… the bathtub is probably my least favorite part to clean! 😕)

Anyway, I don’t know if this would be as effective for those of you with more than one bathroom to clean, but maybe you could then choose a different day during the week for each bathroom, instead of a different section like I do. If you just like to get all of your cleaning done in one day, then this probably is not going to be the way to go for you… but if you don’t mind breaking it up, why not give it a try? You might find you like it!

Also, if you’re looking for a natural option for bathroom cleaning products, you can check out my last post about what I use, if you’d like. 😊

Anyway, I hope everyone is doing well, and I’ll talk to you later!

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