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My Top Natural Dish Soap Options

Hello, everyone! I hope you all are able to get outside these days and enjoy some fresh air!

Anyway, I’ve been experimenting with different homemade dish soaps lately, so I’m sharing my top two picks for DIY options, as well as my top two for a store bought type. I hope you enjoy. 😊

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Let’s get started by talking about the store bought type that I generally use, which is the Trader Joe’s brand. I’m not going to go into a whole lot of detail here, but you can go read my review post, if you want more information. 😊 Anyway, Trader Joe’s dish soap comes in a couple of different scents, which are a Citrus scent, and Lavender Tee Tree, and I’ve used both. To me, it’s an affordable option for a more natural store bought variety, and it does not contain Sodium Laurel Sulfate, if that’s something you might be concerned about. It works well, and of course, it’s easy to find if you have a Trader Joe’s nearby!

Another option that I just recently tried is using Trader Joe’s Oatmeal and Honey pure vegetable bar soap, which I actually like using! It’s not your traditional form of dish soap (in fact, it’s technically not dish soap at all) but it lathers up nicely and has a lovely, subtle scent. It’s also affordable, since I can get a package of two bars for less than $2!

Now, let’s move on to the homemade type of dish soap. When making this kind of product at home, there are different types you can try, like soap bars, or a more traditional liquid type. I tried a few different methods for a liquid variety, and I’m sharing what seems like the best option so far…

This is one of the mixtures that I put together, and this one actually isn’t terribly thin like another one I tried, and it uses less Castile soap.

For the mixture in the picture above, I used 1 1/2 cups of an On Guard concentrate mixture I already had mixed up (this is just 3 TBSP On Guard Concentrate mixed with a gallon of water). I warmed the On Guard/water in the microwave, then added 1/2 cup of unscented liquid Castile soap. I then mixed in 3 TBSP of washing soda, which helped to thicken it up. I didn’t add any essential oils, but you certainly could for a scented version! (If you don’t have any On Guard concentrate, just use water in place of the mixture I used. I also used homemade washing soda in mine.)

So, I also tried this homemade dish soap… which was a complete flop, due to my own failure to use the proper soap ingredient. The instructions call for Sals Suds, but I decided I would go ahead and give Castile soap a try (even though you’re not supposed to mix vinegar and Castile soap) and, like I mentioned in my last post, I got a lovely cottage cheese like mixture. It still looks like a good version to me, so if you give this one a try, just make sure to use the proper mixture. 😁

I hope this was helpful to you, and maybe you’ll feel inspired to try your hand at making your own dish soap!

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Have a good day!

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