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Finding Balance in Exercise

Good morning, everyone!

We are nearing the end of February, which has been our exercise focus month, so today I’m basically sharing my “closing thoughts” for the month. 😊

Of course, I have to give the usual disclaimer and say that I am not a doctor, trainer, or professional in any way, and I can only share my opinion, not professional advice. You can read my full disclaimer here.

So we’ve looked at some of the benefits of exercise, the perks of walking, and a little bit about getting back into things after having a baby. I hope you have been encouraged to try a new exercise method, or picked up an old one that you enjoy.

Now I want to encourage you to keep up the good work! Find something that you enjoy, and do that. If you don’t like to spend time at the gym, then you don’t have to! Listen to your body, and do what you can.

I would also like to give just a word of caution, particularly to the ladies reading this… and that is, please don’t over do it. Over exerting can have negative side effects. Over doing it can cause a rise in stress hormones, which can suppress the metabolism, and if you’re trying to lose weight, that’s definitely not what you want. Also, if you are exercising, but you are reducing your caloric intake at the same time, this can cause your body to conserve energy just to carry on necessary bodily functions, and could result in the loss of your period. So make sure you’re eating enough to maintain proper functions. I’m not trying to scare you away from all forms of exercise, but just to be aware of some of the not-so-good aspects of taking it too far. Again, pay attention to your body, and find what works for you!

I hope you will get into a groove that works for you, and that you will maintain a balanced approach to working out. It’s difficult sometimes to find something that works (example: I haven’t even met my three days of exercise a week goal) but I’m encouraging you to not be discouraged, and give it another try. 😊

So anyway, I hope you have enjoyed this month’s topic, and we will be switching gears soon, so stay tuned to see what we will be talking about next month!

Have a wonderful day!

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