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Sourdough Garlic Knots

Hello everyone!

Today I’m sharing a recipe for sourdough garlic knots that I made for the first time yesterday! They turned out well, and I got 40 garlic knots from this recipe, which is pretty nice! If that’s too many for you to use any time soon, just go ahead and freeze the extras for later.

So let’s get started!

You’ll begin by placing all of the ingredients (except for the butter and garlic salt) into a bowl and mixing together, kneading until no longer very sticky, adding extra flour if you need to. I knead mine by hand, but you could also use a bread mixer if you have one. Cover and let the mixture sit overnight, or all day if you’re mixing this up in the morning.

Here’s what mine looked like the next morning… not a fantastic rise, but it worked anyway.

Divide the dough into four sections, leave three in the bowl, and working with one at a time, flatten each section a little, then sprinkle a little baking soda on top, if you desire a less sour flavor. Knead the dough enough to incorporate the baking soda.

Once the baking soda is combined, roll the dough section out fairly thin, probably between 1/4 to 1/2 inch in thickness.

Divide the dough into 10 sections.

Pick up a section of dough, and roll it between your hands until you have a round piece long enough to tie into a knot (several inches long).

Fold one end over the other like pictured…

Now tuck the end on top underneath and through the hole, making a little knot. Repeat this process for all four sections of dough, dividing each into ten smaller portions, rolling them out, and then creating the knots.

Place the knots onto two baking sheets, brush with melted butter and sprinkle with garlic salt, and allow the dough to rest for about twenty minutes.

After resting, place the pans into a 375 degree oven and bake for 15 minutes.

(Once I filled one baking sheet, I set the timer for 10 minutes while I worked on getting the other sheet filled, and once the timer went off I started preheating my oven, which takes about 10 minutes, then I had to brush the tops of the knots with butter, so the total time for the first sheet was a little over 20 minutes. While the first batch was baking, the other sheet was able to rest before being baked.

I hope that wasn’t totally confusing, but the basic idea is, just let the dough rest for around 20 minutes.)

After they’re finished baking, remove the garlic knots from the pans and place on cooling racks.

And that’s it! Now you have 40 tasty garlic knots to add to your meals, or to have as a snack. 😊


Sourdough Garlic Knot Recipe

Yields: 40 garlic knots


1 cup sourdough starter

2 cups warm (not hot) water

6 cups flour (plus more if needed while kneading, and also for rolling the dough out)

1 tbsp. olive oil

2 tsp. salt*

Optional: baking soda

To brush on top:

4 tbsp. melted butter (I used salted)

Garlic salt

*I’m not sure how much salt I actually used, but 2-3 tsp. should be fine

1. Place all of the ingredients into a bowl and knead until no longer very sticky. Cover and allow to rise overnight, or about 12 hours.

2. After the rising time, divide the dough into four sections. Working with one at a time, place a section onto a floured cutting board and flatten a little, then sprinkle a thin layer of baking soda on top, if using. Incorporate the baking soda into the dough.

3. Roll the dough into a thin layer, between 1/4 to 1/2 inch in thickness, then divide into ten smaller pieces.

4. Roll each smaller piece between your hand until it is several inches long; long enough to tie into a knot.

5. Tie each piece into a knot, and place onto a baking sheet. Continue with the process of rolling out the dough, dividing into ten sections, and creating knots until you have used all of your dough.

6. Brush the tops of the knots with melted butter, sprinkle with garlic salt, and allow to rest for about 20 minutes.

7. After resting, place the knots into a 375 degree oven and bake for 15 minutes.

8. Remove from the oven, and place the knots onto cooling racks.

Now enjoy with a delicious meal, or savor as a snack!

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