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Trim Healthy Mama Update #3

Good morning, everyone! Time for another THM update… already! You probably already know I decided to try out the Trim Healthy Mama plan, and I started on January first. If you missed my last update, you can read that here.

So, if you did go back and read my second update, then you know that I felt like my second week “on plan” was a little more challenging than the first. Well, my third week has gone pretty well, and I even made my first batch of almond flour peanut butter cookies, which I over cooked, but they still actually tasted good! I added some homemade sugar free chocolate chips to some of the cookies, even though the chocolate chips needed some tweaking, so I’ll have to give that one another try… 😊

If you watched my Instagram video update from last week, then you also know that I love carbs, and I probably have included more E meals/snacks over the past week than I needed to, so I should probably try to add in more S style dishes in the future. However, at least I can still have those carbohydrates in blood sugar friendly amounts with THM!

Anyway, if you’re curious about what kind of things you can eat “on plan,” here’s a sample of what I’ve been eating over the last week:

~ ground deer, bean, and mushroom soup (E)

~ soaked oatmeal, nonfat Greek yogurt (E)

~ deer stew with rice (E)

~ peanut butter cookies (S)

~ sourdough tortilla stuffed with low fat ricotta cheese, turkey, and lettuce, with fruit (E)

~ chocolate mug cake (S)

Obviously, I’ve had an array of different types of meals and snacks, and you can try a lot of different foods and change up the way you prepare meals “on plan.” Also, if you’re someone like me, thinking of meals as “Satisfying” or “Energizing” can help to make sure you get a good balance of fuels!

Anyway, I hope you all will have a wonderful day, and you will enjoy eating those good for you foods! Maybe try something different, and get creative with how you prepare your meals, even if you’re using the same basic ingredients. 😊

I’m also planning on posting the recipe for those peanut butter cookies I mentioned, so check back for that coming soon!

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