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One Week of Trim Healthy Mama Dinners

Hi everybody! Today I’m sharing a week’s worth of Trim Healthy Mama meals, with pictures of each meal! I didn’t make every dish pictured, but I’ll specify which ones I did not make myself. 😊 I’m sharing meals from Tuesday last week through Tuesday this week, and I’ll be going in chronological order with the pictures.

So let’s get started!

This first dish from Tuesday last week consisted of chicken nuggets, mashed cauliflower, and a salad. I know it looks kind of sad, but don’t feel too badly for it… it was still a healthy S meal. 😉

Wednesday night’s meal is looking a little more festive, isn’t it? I cooked ground venison and seasoned it to make taco meat, and placed the meat along with cheese and sour cream on top of salad for another S meal.

Thursday night I did not make dinner myself. This is a bowl of my mom’s chili along with a salad. I’m calling this one a Crossover since it contained beans, plus the tomato content, which I would think would be more in E meal territory, but I also had a dressing better suited to an S meal situation. So… I’m not sure, we’ll just call it a XO. 😉

Friday evening we had chicken and rice soup, which is a nice option for an E meal! I included carrots, celery, and mushrooms in this one.

Saturday we had leftover soup, so no picture this time…

And this huge salad was my dinner at N.Y. Deli Sunday night! It did have tomatoes and onions on it, but I’m not sure that I ate enough of those to make this a Crossover… anyway, it was either an S meal or a Crossover.

Monday night I baked spaghetti squash boats! I made them Mexican style, and in the picture I have the spaghetti squash bake on top of salad and topped with sour cream. Another S dinner!

Tuesday evening I mixed up a batch of my Salmon Stuffing and we enjoyed that along with a side of broccoli! The stuffing does contain sourdough bread, but since I only added two slices to the whole dish, I believe this would still qualify as an S meal.

And that’s it! One whole week of THM dinners that can be made without special ingredients! I hope you enjoyed this post, and stay tuned for more content coming each week!

If you’re trying out a new diet, or just trying to make strides towards healthier eating this month, keep up the good work!

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