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Why is Sourdough “On Plan” with Trim Healthy Mama?

If you read my latest post, then you already know that I’m doing the Trim Healthy Mama plan this month. If you aren’t familiar with THM, you can check out that post for a basic overview.

Today I’m talking just a little bit about why sourdough breads are allowed on the plan. But first, let’s take a look at how sourdough bread is made…

Sourdough baking is done using a sourdough starter, which is a combination of flour and water housing a host of wild yeast and bacteria. When you combine a small amount of starter with a larger amount of flour for baking something, the starter begins to eat the starch and sugar in the flour, and creates the rise in the dough. This takes several hours… you can even allow the dough to work for 24 hours, if you want, the bread would just have a stronger sour taste to it. No dry yeast is used with this method, just the starter! Pretty amazing, isn’t it? If you don’t have a starter of your own, you can purchase one online, or make it yourself! If you’re interested in making one, I encourage you to check out the instructions from Traditional Cooking School, where you can learn more about the science behind the starter!

The reason sourdough breads are allowed with Trim Healthy Mama is that by fermenting the flour this way, the glycemic index is actually lowered, making it more blood sugar friendly! Remember, we want to avoid major spikes in blood sugar. So bread is not out “on plan,” it just takes a bit longer to prepare. If you want to read a little more about fermentation and glycemic index, check out this post from Traditional Cooking School.

Sprouting is another method of preparing grain with THM, although to me, souring the flour is a lot easier than sprouting the grain, then drying it out, then grinding it, so I’m making sourdough bread instead! Plus the nice thing is that you can mix up the dough, then let it sit for hours without worrying about it, then go and bake it!

So anyway, I hope this was helpful to you, and you’ll be encouraged to start incorporating healthful foods into your diet, if you’re not already! And if sourdough is intriguing to you, why not go and try making a starter yourself? You might find that you like baking this way better than with dry yeast!

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