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Happy New Year! January’s Blog Focus

Happy New Year, everyone! It is officially 2020! Wow… I mean, we’re actually back around to the ‘20s again, isn’t that crazy?

Anyway, I hope everyone is ready to dive into the new year with renewed energy! I’ve been thinking about focusing on different aspects of health/natural living here on the blog for the first few months this year, and I’m excited to be sharing that with you all today! Each month I’ll be focusing on a new category, from homemade laundry detergent to makeup, and sharing some of the products that I use, whether purchased or homemade, and maybe we’ll discover some new ones along the way!

(This post is not sponsored. This post does contain an Amazon affiliate link, and you can read my full disclosure here. Please also note that I am not a diet coach or expert, I am simply sharing my opinions with you! You can view my full disclaimer here.)

So let’s get started!

The topic that I’m focusing on for January is one that a lot of people may be interested in this time of year… diet.

Yes, diet… but don’t get scared! I’m not calling for any extreme diets here (I mean, unless you want to cut meat out of your meals or only eat once a day or something like that, but I definitely wouldn’t suggest it… I’m certainly not doing that!) Really, “diet” might not even be the right term. We’re more just focusing on eating nourishing, balanced snacks and meals.

Anyway, I personally have chosen to try the Trim Healthy Mama plan this month. What is THM, you ask? Well, the basic idea is that instead of combining protein + fat + carbohydrates at every meal, you simply combine protein and fat for some meals, and protein and carbs for others. The more fat prevalent meals or snacks are considered “Satisfying,” or “S” meals, while the dishes heavier on the carbs are called “Energizing,” or “E” meals. However, you can still combine all three into the same meal at times, making it a “Crossover.” There are also what’s considered “Fuel Pull” meals, which are neither high in carbs nor fats. The plan also includes eating about every three hours, so you still get a nice snack in the afternoon!

There are, of course, some things that are completely out “on plan.” White flour, refined sugar, soda, etc. However, I like the fact that major food groups are not cut out on this plan, so I’ll still be eating sourdough bread (yay!), meat, fruit, vegetables, eggs, cheese… you know, normal, good food! The plan is designed in a way to avoid major blood sugar spikes/drops, and every meal is paired with a source of protein.

If you want to get more details about the plan, you can just read the Trim Healthy Mama book!

There are also special sweetener blends and items like collagen and whey protein (which you can find on the THM website) that you can add into the diet, if you want, but for the most part I’m keeping it pretty simple and not adding many special ingredients.

Anyway, each week I plan to publish at least one blog post relating to the topic for each month… in this case, eating a healthy diet! So, I hope you’ll follow along as I try THM this January, and feel free to share your own healthy food inspiration in the comment section! I’d love to hear about your own journey!

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