Small Space

Getting the Most Out of a Small Space

So, many of you may be living in a relatively small home or apartment, in which case you may be wondering how you will fit everything you need into the space you have, especially if you have a little one or two (or more 😊). Today I’m sharing a few tips for getting more out of the space you have.

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Over the door organizers are a practical way of using vertical space that would otherwise be wasted! You can store kids’ socks, diapers, lotion, diaper cream, towels, bath toys, and whatever else you can fit in them!

Be sure to be using that space under your bed, as well! For that matter, you can use the open space under your child’s crib, or even under the couch if you want. You can place out of season clothing in storage containers under the bed, or store your little one’s shoes this way. And if you buy those big boxes of diapers or wipes, you can tuck the individual packages away until you need them, too! Or you can just use cloth diapers/wipes and not worry about storing so much in the first place…

For kitchen cabinets, you can use small shelves to help you use some of that open space.

Baskets and boxes can be used to keep toys tidy… you could even try using a cubicle book case, with or without the storage containers, to organize your children’s toys, books, or even clothing. Another thing you can do to avoid having an excess of toys out at one time is to rotate through them. Maybe keep a large container somewhere out of the way (like the bottom of your closet) and place toys in it. Then after a while, take those out, and place some of the toys that have been played with a lot into the box.

You can also free up some space in your dresser by storing items in a hanging organizer in the closet instead. I do this so that I can use dresser drawers for kids’ clothing instead of my own.

Also, a good practice to adopt (one that I’m not the best at) is to only keep the clothes you’re wearing now in the dresser or closet, if possible. This is especially true for kid’s clothes. If they’ve grown out of some of their clothing, sort through it and choose the items you want to keep and store away, and get rid of the rest! The same goes for the adults… if you’re not wearing something because you don’t like the way it looks on you and you constantly reach for something else to wear, then just say “goodbye.” That way you don’t have stuff you don’t even like taking up valuable space! I need to get better about doing that with the things that I don’t end up wearing very often… 😕 You can donate the items you don’t want, or consign them to make a little extra money!

Anyway, I hope this was helpful to some of you, and maybe it will help you to start getting creative with how you store things in your own home!

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