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Gift Ideas for Young Children (that aren’t toys)

Are you trying to decide what to get your child (or maybe someone else’s) for Christmas this year? Maybe they have a lot of toys already, but you’d still like to get them something, all without spending a whole lot? If that’s you, then keep on reading! I’ve put together a list of gift ideas each under $30 that might give you a little inspiration…

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Bamboo Dinnerware Set

Isn’t this cute?! A bamboo dinnerware set is a practical and fun gift for young kids.


Since we’ve started off with a food theme, why not a lunchbox?

Natural Toothpaste

Okay, I hope I didn’t lose you with this one… but if you know a Mom who likes for her kids to use natural products, then she might appreciate a gift like this for her kids! Pick out some cute toothbrushes (Dollar Tree, anyone?) and make mom and child happy at the same time.

Hat and Mitten Set

How about something to keep those little hands warm? A hat and mitten set could make a good gift for a little one on your list.

Child’s Robe

Speaking of keeping warm, why not a robe? You could even get a brand new pajama set or slippers to go along with it.

Child’s Air Mattress

So this is kind of a neat idea if you’re planning on doing any traveling… a child’s air mattress! They get their own little bed, and you don’t have to think too hard about where everybody’s going to sleep!


This is a cute gift for your little one to tote along if you’re going out for the day… it might come in handy for extra clothes, snacks, and toys.

Bed Sheets

Very practical, but also cute!


Yes, books… board books for little hands, or paper for bigger ones, but either way, books can make sweet gifts that will last a long time if taken care of.

So there you have it! My list of gift ideas for young children that aren’t toys and don’t cost a fortune! Hope this helps you out, and I hope you’ll try not to get too caught up in the chaos that can surround the holidays… after all, Christmas is NOT about the shopping, but about celebrating the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ!

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