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Trader Joe’s Dish Soap Review

Hello everyone! If you read the title of today’s post (which of course, you did) then you already know that I’m going to be talking about Trader Joe’s dish soap! I’ve been using Trader Joe’s brand for a few years now, and it’s my stand by for dish detergent. (Please note that this is not a sponsored post, it’s just my opinion of a product I use!)

Dish soap is supposed to get your dishes clean, right? Well, that’s what this brand does! It comes in a 25 oz. bottle in two different scents: Lavender Tea Tree, and a citrus scent. I like both of them! One bottle lasts me a few months, with exclusive hand washing, so you may get longer out of it if you have a dish washer.

As far as the budget is concerned, this product is somewhere in the middle… not necessarily cheap, but not super expensive, either. I pay $2.99 per bottle at my Trader Joe’s, although that price probably varies depending on where you live. You can also find it on Amazon, but it may no longer be as affordable at that point.

I like to think that Trader Joe’s brand of dish soap is a little more natural than other brands, but you’ll have to decide for yourself what your standards are when it comes to that! I will note that their detergent does contain sodium coco sulfate, so if you’re trying to avoid sulfates altogether, you’ll want to find another option.

In general, I like Trader Joe’s brand of dish soap as an affordable, little more natural, good smelling product that does its job! Anyway, I hope this was helpful to someone out there, and that you all will have a wonderful day!

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