Thanksgiving Tree

Carrying on with our theme of giving thanks leading up to the day of Thanksgiving, I am sharing with you a simple idea that is perfect for the days before this holiday… a Thanksgiving Tree.

There are different ways of making one of these trees; you could cut out paper to look like a tree and tape it to the wall, or stick twigs in a vase or jar to look more like a real one. Either way, you will cut out pieces of paper to look like leaves, write something you are thankful for on the leaf, and then place it on the tree. If you do this every day in November, those branches should be filled with leaves by the end of the month!

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To make the leaves all you need to do is trace the shape of a leaf on your paper and start cutting! You can do different shapes and sizes to give it a little variety, if you wish. Then, if you are hanging your leaves on twigs, use a hole punch to put a hole in one end of the leaf and tie a piece of ribbon through it. You could also tape the ribbon onto the paper, if you want to save a little time.

Here you can see what the leaves look like when you’re finished! We did lots of different colors for our ribbon, because we kept running out!

Then place your leaves into something to keep them together, and be sure to place a pen or pencil with them so you’ll be ready to write what you’re thankful for on them.

Now start writing and hanging those leaves on your tree! This is a good way to consciously consider your blessings and be thankful for them!

O give thanks unto the LORD, for he is good: for his mercy endureth for ever. Psalms 107:1

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