What is “Old Fashioned”?

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So you may be wondering what exactly I mean by “A Touch Old Fashioned,” so I thought I would clear it up for you.

First off, I am not striving to copy any exact lifestyle from the past. For example, I don’t wear period clothing (unless it’s something with a retro flair now and then) and I enjoy modern conveniences. However, I do like to borrow from the past and bring certain aspects into my family life.

What that looks like in my life is the fact that I cook mostly from scratch, have recently started cooking with sourdough, use cloth diapers (as well as disposable), and don’t have a dishwasher, which means every dish we use is washed by hand like the old days.

So, if you share in the desire to keep things just a little bit simpler, then follow along with me as I share some of things that I enjoy!

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